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Here are few of our Clients

I had a wonderful experience while being trained by you. I really loved your dedication and discipline while training me.
I am looking forward to work out with you again!
~Dikshita Mallya

As her student, I’m very pleased with how the personal training is going so far. I opted to learn MMA as a sport to stay fit, but what I got in the bargain is so much more. It has completely changed my lifestyle, from eating healthier to better sleep patterns, I physically feel 6 years younger, I’ve become more self disciplined, that’s one advantage of training with a professional athlete. I have come to realized that it is one thing to workout in a gym by yourself and completely different when there’s a coach who always on the side motivating and pushing your limits. She is very technical in her approach and will correct you very patiently everytime you do something wrong. She was very quick in noticing my strengths and weaknesses in the first few sessions and knew exactly where she had to focus more and planned the remaining sessions accordingly. Off training she keeps track of my diet and my body measurements and that’s a plus. I’m very glad that I came across her profile and chose her as my coach and my mentor.
~Ankit Karkera

Published by Anwitha Alva

I am an Engineer by degree who is totally into Martial Arts by passion and loves cooking Nutritional foods. It was in my third year of degree that I got interested in training martial arts and soon this interest developed into passion and I started competing on National and international level. Due to my everyday training routine and hence I needed to improve on my nutrition through food intake which is the most important factor in an athlete's life. I started to cook by myself on a daily basis but making these nutritional foods tasty is something that’s not easy. I kept on trying different veggies and spices and finally I have come up with recipes that I would like to share with you guys here.

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