6 Weeks Fitness Nutrition , Lifestyle and Diet Counseling Program

Welcome to Fitnutribuzz , You might probably wonder on how you are unable to achieve your goals inspite of doing your best at the gym? For some , It’s due to the lack of knowledge on proper nutritional food intake and implemenation of it in your daily routine. Well for others , a part ofContinue reading “6 Weeks Fitness Nutrition , Lifestyle and Diet Counseling Program”

Martial Arts Group Training

It’s a 1 hour power packed session with various fitness workouts to uplift your fitness game with Learning new forms of Martial Arts. In this Beginner level Martial Arts group Session Workouts are designed to gradually build on your stamina , strength with simple workouts and eventually to increase on the intensity of the workouts.Continue reading “Martial Arts Group Training”

Oats Bowl With Strawberry

Mid-day of the week can be stressful from all the work life and what can be better way to relax than some cardio and conditioning workouts. Research says Exercise reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillersContinue reading “Oats Bowl With Strawberry”

Chicken Salad with BBq Sauce

You can always include a salad in your diet for dinner in order to save up on lot of calories. But it’s always been a myth to have salad with greens making them bad at taste and hence making you unhappy while you are on the verge on keeping consistency with your diet plans. Well,Continue reading “Chicken Salad with BBq Sauce”

Weekly Workouts

Hello Subscribers! So happy to start this week with my first weekly workout blog. Sharing it with you all and hoping you to follow the routine is something I am really looking forward to! If you have lately been irregular with your workout plans and not sure as to how to get back to itContinue reading “Weekly Workouts”

prawns Salad with Jeera Rice

Hi People! You got to Reset and Refocus any number of times you have to just to get back on track with your fitness plan. You don’t have to be an great chef in order to cook something tasty yet healthy to keep up with your goals. All you need is an discipline to makeContinue reading “prawns Salad with Jeera Rice”

switching to Low calories Food Alternatives can be fun

Hi People! This blog I am going to tell you few low calorie alternatives to begin with in your lifestyle. It’s been always hard to switch to a diet compromising with your regular routine which contains not only high calories but also has no nutritious value. Starting on to getting back to healthy eating, hereContinue reading “switching to Low calories Food Alternatives can be fun”

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