prawns Salad with Jeera Rice

Hi People! You got to Reset and Refocus any number of times you have to just to get back on track with your fitness plan. You don’t have to be an great chef in order to cook something tasty yet healthy to keep up with your goals. All you need is an discipline to makeContinue reading “prawns Salad with Jeera Rice”

Classic Spaghetti

Hi people! I am back with another recipe that you all can try at home. I love spaghetti and it’s been one of my favourites for years. Making spaghetti can be tiresome due to all the work involved but at the end it’s worth it. Reasons why I love making Spaghetti at home  First andContinue reading “Classic Spaghetti”

Easy and Healthy Breakfast REcipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence making one, filled with good nutrition is going to cover up a major part of your daily nutrition. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea because it’s the first thing you eat after 10-12 hours of your last dinner to replenish your depleting glycogenContinue reading “Easy and Healthy Breakfast REcipes”

Oat Pancakes with Banana and Strawberry Topping for the Quarantine

Hey! Hope you all are doing good! Lets catch a break in this quarantine with delicious pancakes for breakfast! To stay healthy one can eat tasty food without feeling guilty or stressed about it. I see a lot of people struggling with eating healthy and most of us loosen up on our diet by eitherContinue reading “Oat Pancakes with Banana and Strawberry Topping for the Quarantine”

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