Weekly Workouts

Hello Subscribers! So happy to start this week with my first weekly workout blog. Sharing it with you all and hoping you to follow the routine is something I am really looking forward to! If you have lately been irregular with your workout plans and not sure as to how to get back to itContinue reading “Weekly Workouts”

How to eat Healthy and better food on a budget

Eating Healthy sounds fancy but consuming good and nutritious food on a daily basis is not economical. Following the trends of eating healthy is not as easy as it looks on social media. Different regions have different vegetables they harvest and buying vegetables that are not easily available is going to be expensive. There areContinue reading “How to eat Healthy and better food on a budget”

Mind and Body Instagram Live Session

Hey people! I hope you guys read my previous blog on How to stay Fit and Healthy during quarantine. So here I am going to throw some light on the recent Instagram live session by a friend on Mind and Body, where I joined to discuss about the general questions that pop up when itContinue reading “Mind and Body Instagram Live Session”

How to keep yourself Fit and Healthy during quarantine.

This has been a tough time to all of us and it’s definitely new to us. Our front liners are doing everything at their best to save us from this pandemic and staying home is the one thing that we can do from our part to break the chain. We have been in a competitiveContinue reading “How to keep yourself Fit and Healthy during quarantine.”

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