Weekly Workouts

Hello Subscribers! So happy to start this week with my first weekly workout blog. Sharing it with you all and hoping you to follow the routine is something I am really looking forward to! If you have lately been irregular with your workout plans and not sure as to how to get back to itContinue reading “Weekly Workouts”

How to eat Healthy and better food on a budget

Eating Healthy sounds fancy but consuming good and nutritious food on a daily basis is not economical. Following the trends of eating healthy is not as easy as it looks on social media. Different regions have different vegetables they harvest and buying vegetables that are not easily available is going to be expensive. There areContinue reading “How to eat Healthy and better food on a budget”

Easy and Healthy Breakfast REcipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence making one, filled with good nutrition is going to cover up a major part of your daily nutrition. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea because it’s the first thing you eat after 10-12 hours of your last dinner to replenish your depleting glycogenContinue reading “Easy and Healthy Breakfast REcipes”

Healthy Lifestyle : Change your lifestyle not your diet plans

Getting into a diet is easy, but maintaining one isn’t. Struggling to keep up with a diet routine gets harder and harder as the days go by due to a lot of cravings and a thought of not being able to eat them makes it worse. A lot of blogs you see will recommend certainContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyle : Change your lifestyle not your diet plans”

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