6 Weeks Fitness Nutrition , Lifestyle and Diet Counseling Program

Welcome to Fitnutribuzz ,

You might probably wonder on how you are unable to achieve your goals inspite of doing your best at the gym?

For some , It’s due to the lack of knowledge on proper nutritional food intake and implemenation of it in your daily routine.

Well for others , a part of you is aware about the lack of proper food intake with diminishing nutritional values. Perhaps it’s because you are not yet ready to give up on your favourite meals , which could be unhealthy.

Imposing stricter diet or attempting to cognitively control intake on food and no of calories are associated with weight gain and not weight loss as you tend to binge eat at certain points.

In diet counseling , we will work on the behavioural changes letting you make changes in your healthy nutritious choices step by step and leading you towards sustainable clean eating through regular 6 weeks counseling sessions.

This program includes altogether 6 sessions which will be divided in the 6 weeks.

For 6 weeks with one session per week learn all about how to grow out of your current food routine gradually and shift to clean eating.

Through this 6 weeks diet counseling program you will learn :

  • Shift to sustainable clean eating through behavioural change
  • Discover benefits of eating healthy food
  • Diet counseling session per week for 30 mins (6 weeks)
  • Delicious and healthy customized meal plan for 7 days
  • How to do grocery shopping and meal prep efficiently

This will help you with reach your desired weight loss , weight gain or body toning or staying fit goals with great results.


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Published by Anwitha Alva

I am an Engineer by degree who is totally into Martial Arts by passion and loves cooking Nutritional foods. It was in my third year of degree that I got interested in training martial arts and soon this interest developed into passion and I started competing on National and international level. Due to my everyday training routine and hence I needed to improve on my nutrition through food intake which is the most important factor in an athlete's life. I started to cook by myself on a daily basis but making these nutritional foods tasty is something that’s not easy. I kept on trying different veggies and spices and finally I have come up with recipes that I would like to share with you guys here.

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